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Abandonment - Adopt

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Adopting means becoming responsible for the custody and care of an abandoned animal for its whole life.

Adopting offers you an opportunity and gives him or her a second opportunity. You’ll give a home and love to an abandoned animal that has been deserted and maybe even abused. Although most animals in a cage waiting to be adopted are sociable and trusting, there are also others which still have psychological damage and may be very frightened. If you decide to adopt, you can experience the amazing transformation of a traumatised animal recovering its trust.

About 140,000 pets are abandoned each year in Spain. So it is not a bad idea to ignore all the bad things they say about adopting animals and contribute, with a bit of empathy. Your contribution will help to reduce the stress on the hundreds of animal shelters –most of which are overcrowded– that there are throughout the country.

All animals need stability, security and role models. With a lot of patience and affection you can offer them the most basic and necessary thing in the world, a family. Adopting an animal means increasing the size of your family, committing to him or her and to society. Forever.

Every 18 minutes a pet is brought to a shelter.

Things to consider before adopting

  • You will have to keep in mind that you will have expenses in food, vet fees, insurance, accessories, etc.
  • You will have to spend time with him every day, giving him attention, taking him for walks if it is a dog, etc.
  • You will go through a period of adaptation. It is not common, but your house and/or garden may get damaged in some way.
  • You should think about your holidays and weekends away, whether you can take him with you or organise a carer you can trust or take it to a animal care home with good references.

Next we answer the most frequent questions about adoption.

Where can you adopt?

From any animal welfare agency or from a public animal shelter (subsidised by the authorities). Private animal shelters tend to survive mainly from the monthly payments from their members or benefactors.

Animals up for adoption   Bambú Difunde   Animal welfare agencies & public shelters

Puppy or fully grown? Male or female?

It’s best to get advice from the manager of the shelter, who will know all the animals and their personality. What we can tell you is that you should forget all the stereotypes you hear, like when they say fully grown animals are more difficult, they don’t adapt; that females are more docile; etc. Every animal is unique and there will always be a home into which he or she fits perfectly. The person who receives you at the centre will know which one is more likely to adapt well to your family. It is best not to go with a preconceived idea about what type of animal you want, rather consider the needs of your family.

Why pay to adopt?

In many regions of Spain it is compulsory that the animals being adopted have microchip I.D., are fully vaccinated, have undergone deworming and sterilisation. All of this has a cost. The price you pay will cover part of these costs.

Before adopting and to have a full picture of the physical health of your new pal, make sure he/she:

  • Has the implanted microchip and be on the corresponding registry.
  • Is dewormed, vaccinated and neutered.


Our action

  • We collaborate economically with shelters to cover part of the food and veterinary expenses. We also fund facility maintenance projects.
  • We dedicate a section of our website to raising awareness about the animals up for adoption in certain shelters and animal protection groups.

What can you do?

  • After having carefully considered and discussed the idea of bringing an animal into the family home, always choose to adopt one from a shelter or refuge. Encourage your friends and extended family to adopt too.
  • Make people aware of the low morality and even illegality of breeding pets. Each puppy born in a private home prevents an abandoned animal from being adopted and means it will be stuck in a cage or put down.
  • Each adopted animal leaves a space in the shelter for another who may need it.

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