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Respectful Co-existence

Animals affected

Dogs, Cats






Respectful co-existence with those animals which we share our lives with means making sure we guarantee their well-being, making sure all their physical, psychological and emotional needs are covered. This means health, food, attention, care, space, time, etc.

In order to achieve this, before bringing an animal into the home, the family must decide whether it will be able to take responsibility for it and cover all its needs. They should consider the time that they will be able to take it for walks, play and dedicate attention to it; the economic cost which goes with having an animal at home; planning for holidays; possible behavioural problems and any other problems that may arise.

We also consider other aspects like sterilisation and identification to be fundamental parts of respectful co-existence, as well as getting advice from a professional in order to have all the knowledge needed to understand our animal or be able to resolve any behavioural problems that may arise. 

In 2019, the FAADA campaign “Soy Responsable” helped the identification of 6,032 animals and the sterilisation of 9,749.

The abandonment of animals considered to be “pets” is one of the biggest social evils of our country. A good co-existence with them would help to alleviate this problem. At FAADA we are trying to offer practical solutions to a terrible situation for animals and which, with a few simple guidelines, help from all areas and political will, has a really simple solution.


Our action

  • We raise people's awareness so that they know how to improve the conditions of the animal they are sharing with.
  • We put pressure on and collaborate with the authorities so that they carry out prevention campaigns.
  • We publish articles with useful information and advice so that anyone can put what they have learnt into practice.
  • On our website Soy Responsable we publish all year long a list of veterinary centres that offer low prices.
  • We carry out a yearly campaign of identification and sterilisation with which we have managed to help out more than 100,000 animals in 9 years (2012 - 2020).

What can you do?

  • When you are thinking of bringing an animal into your family, think about the responsibility that it involves and always choose to adopt an animal from a shelter or animal welfare centre. 
  • Tag the animal that lives with you so you can find them easily should they get lost.
  • Sterilise animals. As well as helping the species by controlling the population and lowering abandonment, your animal will enjoy better physical and psychological health. 
  • Always opt for vaccinations, de-worming and regular veterinary check-ups.
  • Put yourself in professional hands to avoid or correct possible behavioural problems and to have the tools to understand your animal. Attend puppy or kitten integration programmes and courses of basic training, which may help prevent future behavioural problems.
  • Share the campaigns and articles which we prepare at FAADA in your circle of friends on social media. Together we can go far.

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