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Respectful Co-existence - Zoonoses

Animals affected

Cats, Dogs






Throughout history, zoonotic diseases have had certain repercussions on public health, which has strengthened many misconceptions. We should remember the social, economic and geographical context in order not too cause alarm within society with respect to living with animals.

In developed countries, as veterinary and human medicine has moved forward, the understanding, control and treatment of these illnesses have come a long way, to the extent where society can now feel safe.

However, it is important that the general public is aware of the many ways these diseases can be transmitted, especially those that are associated with pets urban animals, in order to take the necessary precautions. Thus, it is possible to drastically reduce the risk to human beings, as well as the unjustified abandoning of animals and to learn to live in responsible coexistence with them.    

As a response to the current situation in Spain and the concern or questions regarding the animals we share public spaces with, here at FAADA we have compiled the following report:

Street cats and Zoonoses in Spain

Our action

  • We raise people's awareness so that they know how to improve the conditions of the animal they are sharing with.
  • We put pressure on and collaborate with the authorities so that they carry out prevention campaigns.
  • We publish articles with useful information and advice so that anyone can put what they have learnt into practice.
  • On our website Soy Responsable we publish a list of veterinary centres offering reduced prices.
  • We carry out a yearly campaign of identification and sterilisation with which we have managed to help out more than 100,000 animals in 9 years (2012 - 2020).

What can you do?

  • Please share this information with your family and friends, and help us shed some light on popular beliefs and and misconceptions.


Other sources

FAADA Report - Los gatos ferales y la Zoonosis en España

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