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Humanitarian Education

Here at the Education Department we want to help bring about a transformation of society by working towards a more harmonious, cooperative and friendly model of education. This new paradigm, known as Humanitarian Education, aims to underline key life values. It promotes the development of positive caring attitudes: respect for animals, people and the natural environment. Everything is connected, we can’t save a species from extinction if we don’t protect its habitat. Neither is it possible without involving the local community or having the locals get involved or if they simply don’t feel respected or appreciated.  

We are working towards transforming the current model of society, where the system modifies ecosystems for its own benefit, through its interventions, without taking into consideration the impact and suffering caused by its actions. We want to move towards a new social model which gives value to the natural systems which support life: live life without damaging life.

Can you imagine having had the necessary emotional skills to calmly face life’s challenges from an early age? From the Area of Education here at FAADA, and through our different programmes, we help young children to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, such as empathy, assertiveness and impulse control, among others. In this way they may grow in empathy and increase their emotional intelligence.

We have shifted from a tribal mentality (I only help those from my clan) to a universal one (other human beings are important, without giving importance to their creed, nationality or ethnicity). Now we can keep moving forward in our moral circle towards the last bastion to overrun, empathy for other animals. Their capacity to feel is sufficient for them to have their rights and interests respected. We should be able to make decisions which no longer negatively affect animals, and make fairer and more compassionate choices for all. The exercises of empathy which we offer to young people and children are exceedingly practical. Taking the theory we put it into practice in order to achieve a fairer and friendlier world.

Here at FAADA we support the well-known motto of working towards creating a better world for future generations. Not only that, here at the Area of Education we are also working towards creating better children for our planet.