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How we are funded

We are a private independent organisation. We are not linked to any political or religious groups, or any other type of collective which could compromise or influence our work. This means that we always act following our own criteria and with freedom of action.

86% of our economic resources proceed from private sources, all of which are committed to defending animal rights, and the majority of which come from generous direct donations from our partners and collaborators.

Internal financial control

Our budget is designed each year based on the the priorities established in our annual strategic planning.

The Governing Board makes a proposal which is then reviewed by the Finance Committee and later presented to the whole board for approval.

We constantly analyse and share the economic and financial information with our social base. We also monitor and assess the correct use of our resources as well as taking any necessary corrective measures.

Transparency and participation

We are working on fostering transparency and accountability towards all those who support our work. We have the responsibility and the ethical duty to show that our accounts are clear, that we work with efficiency and effectiveness, and that out actions are destined to encourage committed and independent animal protection.

We make up part of the Solidarity-based Economic Network (XES) to fulfil our commitment to improving and moving towards socially responsible management. In order to measure this commitment we use transparency and participation tools, Social Balance, which allow us to assess accountability, and measure social and environmental impact and good management. Social Balance systematically, objectively and periodically assesses six great characteristics of any business organisation or entity that aims to be responsible in the following areas: democracy, equality, environmental commitment, social commitment, job quality and professional quality.

Financial independence

Financial independence is indispensable in order to guarantee that we meet our objectives and mission aims. Of our resources just 14% comes from public sources. This percentage of public funding is used in specific activities in collaboration with the administrations concerned.

Respectful and responsible partnerships

Based on the principles and ethical values stated in our mission, at FAADA we only create links and alliances with business organisations which do not contradict the moral code of the foundation, and therefore, there are no indications of possible infringement of animal rights.

At all times we reserve the right to reject a partnership or even return a donation which is not in keeping with our code of relationship with business organisations or entities



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