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How we work

A huge target

Our aim is to be able to live together respectfully with all species of animals. Free from abuse, treating them with respect and promoting a relationship of equals, without discrimination.

In our opinion from early childhood our human nature leans us towards connecting with all living beings respectfully and with empathy. However, as we become more integrated into society we are taught to prioritise our lives above others’. Using animals as clothing, food or even as entertainment becomes normal to us, even though we are aware of the suffering that this causes them.

In FAADA we are helping people to become part of a shift in awareness. One which encourages life habits free from cruelty to animals and which moves forward in the restructuring of industries towards more ethical models which benefit animals, the planet and ourselves.

If we had to sum it up in one sentence we would say that our goal is “to change those habits of society which harm animals in order to achieve a way of living together which is respectful to all living beings”.




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