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Abandonment - Overpopulation

Animals affected

Dogs, Cats






Overpopulation of dogs and cats is a problem all over the world, causing serious problems both for the animals and for our co-existence with them. The vast majority of governments and local authorities have shown a severe lack of interest in implementing solutions, limiting their actions to carrying out periodic capturing and elimination of animals. This is an unethical choice, unfair on the animals and unacceptable for those of us who care about what happens to them. It has also been shown to be ineffective, as a short while afterwards the animal population gets out of control again. This causes a state of permanent injustice, abuse and waste of public resources.     

There are a few countries and regions which are currently showing an interest in the problem, allocating resources to birth control and carrying out prevention campaigns aimed at the families of the animals. Alongside this there is also a tightening of the laws against the illegal trade and breeding of animals of individual households. And although these steps may be in the right direction, they are still insufficient to completely eradicate the problem.

The lack of birth control leads to stray animals, lack of basic care such as feeding or veterinary attention, accidents, diseases, abuse, overcrowding of shelters and mass killings.

Only 25% of dogs and 5% of cats in Catalonia are registered.

Finding a solution to this grave problem is everyone’s responsibility. It requires social awareness of the responsibility that those who live with an animal have. Other steps towards a solution include fostering the culture of adoption, banning the breeding of dogs and cats in private homes, banning trade in animals and making sterilisation compulsory as a truly efficient method of control.


Our action

  • Raising awareness about the problem and possible solutions in order to halt this grave situation of overpopulation of animals in Spain.
  • We let people know about the benefits of sterilisation of pets and the consequences of not doing so.
  • We carry out an annual campaign on Catalonia for the sterilisation and tagging of privately owned pets: Soy responsable.
  • We put pressure on the authorities so that they carry out prevention campaigns, implement the most advanced and protective legislation and enforce current legislation by punishing cases of illegal breeding.

What can you do?

  • Neuter/spay your pet. As well as helping the species by keeping the population under control and reducing abandonment, the animal will also be in better physical and psychological health.
  • Share the message, let your contacts know about the existing problem and the benefits of birth control.
  • Report illegal breeders to the competent authorities.
  • Choose not to buy animals and always go for adoption.
  • When you decide to increase the size of your family with an animal, take time to think about what it means and always chose to adopt from a shelter or animal welfare association.
  • Put pressure on your local council to allocate resources towards sterilising the groups of feral cats in your area. In Wiki FAADA you will find all the necessary information about how to find out who is responsible for the groups of feral cats in your city.
  • Promote adoption of animals from animal shelters and welfare centres.

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