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Who we are

Welcome to our website. We are the Foundation for Advice and Action in the Defence of Animals (FAADA).

We are a private independent non-profit foundation which has been active since 2004. At first our main activity was sponsoring, adopting and rescuing wild animals and pets. As a result of the experience we acquired as professionals in the sector, in 2012 we decided to begin a process of internal transformation. We knew that the time had come to put our knowledge and resources towards getting to the root of the problems in the most strategic way, taking action in social, legal and educational areas.


To promote respect for animals in social, legal and educational spheres.

Social sphere: provide technical and legal information and advice to different social agents about animal protection. We lead projects directed towards business sectors which directly or indirectly cause animal suffering, in order to increase awareness and suggest alternatives.

Legal sphere: we make sure the current legislation is observed and we collaborate with the authorities and some institutions to establish new rules which are more respectful to animals.

Educational sphere: we promote training programs which encourage empathy and respect for animals at infant school, primary school and university.


To achieve a world where animal rights are respected and guaranteed.




We encourage people to become aware of the impact that our everyday actions have on animals.


The different points of view that exist in society are taken into consideration in our day-to-day activity.


We encourage the participation of any person or group who may influence animal wellbeing.


We foster strategic solutions which benefit all parties involved.


The causes we work with are selected without political pressure or economic interests.


The results we acquire and activities we carry out are shared publicly.


Our activity is developed strategically by a team of committed people who are remunerated for their work.


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