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Social sphere

Our activity in the social sphere

We are working to ensure that animal protection is present in the political and social debate. This is achieved through:

Offering Advice

Raising Awareness



Offering advice

We provide information and offer technical and legal advice to individuals, businesses and institutions in order to promote a respectful coexistence with animals.

We work alongside public authorities in the implementation of their powers related to animal protection and in the elaboration of public policies of animal protection. Our goal is to replace the practice of animal extermination with ones that imply ethical and preventative control of the populations of animals with whom we share our surroundings (urban periphery birds: pigeons, seagulls, sparrows; wild boar; etc.)

We promote ethical management of those animal populations with whom we share our surroundings. This is done by working together with universities, experts and other bodies to produce reports on certain experiences which have been successful in other countries, with a view to recommending their implementation in Spain.

Types of advice

Raising awareness

We provide information in order to raise awareness on the impact our daily habits have on animals.

How we deal with the economic sphere of trading in animals:

  • Food and clothing: our aim is to encourage the consumption of food and clothing which is free from products of animal origin.
  • Trading of animals as pets: our aim is to prevent the commercialisation of animals.

How we deal with the economic sphere of entertainment with animals:

We want to end the use of animals for entertainment. We understand that these days there are many alternative ways to interact with nature and that it is not necessary to keep species in captivity or to use them for our entertainment. 

  • Zoos: our aim is to reorganise the current model of zoos, which is based on the captivity and exhibition of wild species, and work towards the protection of these species within their natural habitat.
  • Dolphinariums: we are committed to helping authorities and the sector reorganise and close down the spaces which hold dolphins, orcas and beluga whales in captivity.
  • Circuses: our aim is to put an end to the use of animals in the circus, firstly with wild fauna, later to be extended to domestic animals.
  • Animal tourism: our goal is to bring about the ceasing of tourist activities which rely on the use of and interaction with animals.  
  • Audiovisuals: our aim is to put an end to the use of wild animals in the audiovisual media (cinema, television, advertising, etc) and work towards extending that to later include domestic animals.
  • Local festivals: we want to eradicate the use of animals in local Spanish festivals
  • Hunting: Our aim is to propose ethical alternatives to hunting for the management of animal populations.


We exert political pressure locally, regionally and on the national government regarding issues which affect animals in order to achieve the implication of policies which benefit them.  

In Catalonia we sit on different councils and organisms which promote changes in the way animals are treated. We are part of the Council of the Cohabitation and Protection of Animals of the Barcelona City Government through which we are working towards establishing a new model for the zoo, putting an end to animal-drawn vehicles and changing by-laws, among others. We are a collaborating body on the Council of Territory and Sustainability and an interest group of the Catalan public administration.

In Spain we collaborate with the Parliamentary Association of Animal Rights (APDDA) and the General Council of Judicial Powers, as well as proposing measures in favour of animals to the State and Environmental General Prosecutor.


We regularly collaborate with animal protection bodies who are responsible for domestic or wild animals. We help by financing the veterinary and feeding costs of sheltered animals as well as providing technical and legal advice or support when lobbying the public administrations of the areas where they are based.

In Catalonia we collaborate with Amics dels Animals de la Noguera, ADE (Asociación en Defensa de los Équidos), Lliga per la Protecció d’Animals i Plantes de Barcelona, Fundación Trifolium, Asociación DAYA and Fundación Mona.

In Spain we collaborate with Albergue “Las Nieves”, APAP Alcalá, Centro de rescate de primates Rainfer and ARCA Sevilla.