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Our achievements

Some of our achievements in recent years


In 2022

En 2021

In 2020

In 2019

  • We achieved a historic and groundbreaking sentence in Spain against classified ad websites Milanuncios and Vibbo, involving a fine of €150,000 for publishing animal ads on their websites.
  • We launched the No Somos Peligrosos (We’re Not Dangerous) campaign to amend an unfair and ineffective law on potentially dangerous dogs, in which we collected almost 70,000 signatures to present to the Ministries of the Interior and Agriculture.
  • The Fish Trap campaign won two communication awards and we screened it in 100 cinemas throughout Spain and displayed it on metro stations and bus shelters in the main cities in the country.
  • In collaboration with other entities, we launched the Coalition of Positive List, with the aim of ending illegal trafficking of wild species in Spain, and we set up the Prou Correbous (End Bull-running) website, an initiative to end cruel bull-running in Catalonia.

In 2018

In 2017

In 2016

In 2015

In 2014

In 2013

In 2012

  • We started the campaign Sóc Responsable (I am responsible) to identify and sterilise animals at reduced prices in Catalonia and Madrid.
  • We set up the coalition SOSdelfines which we lead with the aim of raising awareness of the problems that cetaceans in captivity suffer.
  • We launched the initiative ADnimalsfree to raise awareness about the problems of using wild animals in the audiovisual sector.

In 2011

In 2010

In 2009

In 2008

  • Together with Fundación Trifolium y Altarriba we organised the 1st World Forum of Animals (FOMA), with the slogan “Peace for animals too”. It was held at the CosmoCaixa of Barcelona with personalities who promoted Barcelona as a city committed to animals.


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